Storybox events bring communities closer

Running Storybox in your community

What we give you

Everything you need to run events, as well as promotional materials and access to impact reporting tools

What you need

Local hosts dedicated to running events, and spaces that seat 10-20 people in different places across your community


Online and in-person training hosted by Storybox staff gives local hosts the best chance of success

How much it costs

It costs $1,000 to equip local hosts to run 6-8 programs in multiple locations across your community

Who's doing it already?

Comparte Tu Rollo

With support of the National Library of Colombia in 2016, the Comparte Tu Rollo program combined local history and digital tools in a light-weight program in 850 public libraries across the nation of Colombia.

Digital Projects in Tribal Libraries

With support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services in 2016, we co-designed and piloted Storybox programs with tribal libraries in New Mexico and cultural heritage organizations run by Native American bands of the Inland Empire region of Southern California.

Memories of Migration

In 2014, Memories of Migration empowered “teen historians” to explore and record local history through collaborations with the Santa Ana Public Library, Queens Public Library (NYC), multiple libraries in New Mexico, and West Hartford (CT) Public Library.

Knight Foundation

With generous support from the Knight Foundation, Storybox was piloted in 22 public libraries in New Mexico, Louisiana, New York and Georgia in 2017 and early 2018. Their underwriting propelled the national rollout to public libraries across the US.

Storybox events are easy to facilitate yet very meaningful. I ran events all over my my community. These events connected me to them and them to each other.


The energy in the room was amazing. You could see lightbulbs go off throughout the room when people found their commonalities.

Storybox Program Host

Full portable events kit

Kits contain all the things to run 6-8 events of 10-20 people in a portable box that can be taken to different spaces across a community.

  • Posters and invitations
  • Step-by-step facilitation guide
  • Name badges and attendee instruction cards
  • Story starter cards, Game dice, and timers
  • Story capture cards and notepads
  • Access code to the online hub

Impact Surveys and Dashboard

Facilitators can use the online dashboard to distribute surveys, collect feedback, and develop reports using the social impact data of Storybox events.

Training Workshops for Local Hosts

Trainings cover local memory documentation, program facilitation, and impact reporting. Trainings take place in person or online.

Posters and Graphics to Promote Events

Kits include all printed promotional materials needed. There are additional resources in the online dashboard if you need more copies.

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