Events that bring you one story closer

What is a Storybox event?

Small groups

Free local 2 hour workshop events that happen over 6-8 weeks for up to 20 people hosted by a trained facilitator

Share stories

Pair up, share stories through questions prompts, and hear life experiences of people within your community

All over the world

Programs are hosted all over the world, and take place anywhere from local pubs to local libraries

"The Storybox experience can be important for building community and making connections with other people, and could help people get to know one another, but it may be more valuable in getting people to know themselves."

Val Uccellani, Storybox Participant

Stronger communities across the world

Storybox is bridging divides in communities across the world. Programs have been run in libraries, schools and retirement communities across the US. Hundreds of Storybox sessions have started conversations in public libraries across Colombia through the Comparte Tu Rollo project, and pilots are now taking place throughout the UK.

Partner with us

Bringing people together to talk with each other is the first step in building understanding and empathy. Check out the next page to see how to bring the Storybox program to your community.

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